About Claire

My Passion is to Design for You

As the daughter of an architect, I grew up constantly immersed in modern design. I lived it every day at home and through my creative parents, their like-minded friends, while being exposed to the modernist culture in and surrounding Detroit as it was blossoming in the 1950s-1970s. (Click the hotlink for an interesting New York Times article explaining how Michigan developed into the Modernism mecca, where Eames, Knoll, Saarinen, and other famous modernist designers studied and developed their art.)

Following the design principles of Frank Lloyd Wright, my father (also named Frank) designed our home to connect with the environment. The entire rear of the house was floor-to-ceiling glass with a large cantilevered deck to take advantage of the view of the lake.

Our distinctive modernist home, designed and built by my father in 1970, was filled with classic mid-century modern interiors and original artworks from around the globe which instilled in my brothers and me early on that beautiful aesthetics enrich one’s daily life. This belief is actually an age-old one that I internalized as I was growing up.

There is an Italian expression, ‘la bella figura,’ which rules the lives of Italians. Essentially it means to ‘make a beautiful impression’ or ‘to present beauty’ in all aspects of life: fashion, The Arts, manners, hosting, cleanliness, food…everything and everywhere. In other words, always make your surroundings beautiful to give pleasure to people. It is no coincidence that this principle was pervasive in our home (and still is in my home).

Living room. Photographic print proof by Balthazar Korab, c. 1973

This philosophy of revering beauty has existed for centuries in the Italian culture. Because Italian is my heritage, I’m certain that I’ve inherited both from my ancestry and my immediate family an inborn artistic talent. I believe my brothers and I were born with creative genes. (Both of my brothers pursued careers in visual arts and music.) People say I have an ‘eye’ for design.

To blend my love of Modernism with my Italian heritage, today it’s my deep-seated passion to create beautiful Modernist environments for my clients that add richness and joy to their lives every day.

With over twenty years of interior decorating experience, having custom built and designed two Modernist homes of my own, and fifteen years of home staging experience, I have proven creativity, expertise and passion to share with you.