Interior Design


At this first meeting, Claire brings various samples to solve your interior design dilemma(s) or offers choices for your upcoming decorating project. She can discuss how to pull together paint colors, wallpaper, flooring, countertops, backsplashes, furniture, fabrics, and accessories to create a fabulous cohesive interior decorating strategy to suit your taste and lifestyle. Claire’s initial design consultations offer professional advice to help you get focused and initiate a solid plan to direct your interior design needs.

This type of consultation is a fit for you if
• You feel overwhelmed and confused about where to start because you’re tired of most everything in your house!
• You’re unsure of what furnishings you should keep and what new items to purchase for your home
• You need paint colors and décor recommendations that you can confidently implement on your own
• You want help and ideas for elements such as flooring, countertops, backsplashes, and window treatments
• You’d like your room(s) designed with a new layout if possible

Contact us today for your Interior Decorating Consult.
Two-hour Consultation – $295


Following up the initial consultation, we offer various packages (at a flat fee rate) to best suit your needs. Our goal is to ensure you avoid common costly mistakes and to educate you in understanding the necessary steps to properly manage your project. We want your home to be a reflection of your taste and lifestyle, while looking Beautiful. Timeless. Modern.

Space Plan and Hand-Selected Décor Package One-Room includes: Designer Concept Space Plan, Digital Floorplan Layout, and Claire personally selects and procures all furnishings, soft goods, and accessories for you. Claire will recommend paint colors as well as fixed elements such as flooring, tile and light fixtures.
Package price starts at $1200 and is based on room size and specified requirements.

Kitchen and Bath Decorating Package Don’t take risks when choosing fixed (permanent) finishes for your home. Your home is usually your largest investment so you want to be certain that you are upgrading wisely to increase your home’s value. One small mistake in the selection process can compromise an entire design and deflate your home’s value. Take it from Claire, a former Realtor.

Claire assists you in choosing fixed finishes for your kitchen, bathrooms, and floors so you’re not overwhelmed by making wise, timeless choices.

These selections include:
• Hardwood floors
• Floor and wall tiles
• Backsplash & Grout
• Countertops
• Cabinetry styles + finish + color
• Cabinetry hardware
• Lighting
• Paint colors for walls, ceiling & trim
• Fixtures such as faucets, sinks, tubs, appliances

Decorating package starts at $600 for 4 hours of design services. Does not include the initial consultation meeting to discuss and determine your style preferences and your desired investment.


Complete interior design plan for one room with specified furnishings and soft materials custom tailored for you. Claire carefully selects all your furniture, finishes, fabrics, paint colors and accessories to be custom made by artists, furniture makers, designers, artisans, seamstresses, and fabricators to create one cohesive design to make your life joyful and your room simply beautiful!

This design package includes:
• Design board illustrating selection of furniture, finishes, fabrics, paints
• Price lists includes images of furniture and soft goods
• Design Plan – Scope of Work
• Space Plan
• 1-2 Hour Proposal Presentation Meeting
• Referrals to tradespeople as needed
• Project Oversight
• Reveal

Luxury decorating design service starts at $1800 (price depends on room size and specified requirements). Initially you will see the design concept, feel the designer fabrics Claire brings to you and you’ll see the paint colors selected on jumbo paint boards. You’ll view a floor plan layout to understand the room flow and how beautifully the custom furniture, fabrics, art and accessories work together. Note: price of custom furniture, soft goods, and accessories additional.

Claire continues working with you after the presentation meeting to implement the entire plan, including procurement, ensuring order accuracy, referring tradespeople if needed, arranging deliveries and styling for a full reveal. Please note that the initial consultation fee is separate (see above). A return visit for measuring may be required.

A fit for you if you want
• A comprehensive plan with professional guidance to help you through the endless choices of your project
• To be referred to quality trades and suppliers with outstanding customer service that you can trust
• Peace of mind that you are making wise investments and that the job will be done right the first time
• To complete the project in a timely manner and get a luxurious, polished look that suits your lifestyle


This customizable design service is for inspired clients in pursuit of modern elegance. Claire Cavalieri’s process ensures her busy clientele enjoy exclusive design services and a well-planned project.

Having designed and custom built two homes of her own and remodeled others, Claire and her group have the proven experience and expertise to help you when you are building a new home or remodeling your current house.

Claire will consult with you from start to finish, creating a project timeline. Noting key milestones along the way, she works alongside your builder/contractor to ensure timeliness and accuracy.

Design Consulting
Includes assistance with selection of fixed finishes for kitchen, bathrooms, floors and other elements including the following. These are usually permanent items.

Don’t take risks! Be certain your choices are RIGHT the FIRST time.
• Hardwood floors
• Floor and Wall tiles
• Backsplash and Grout
• Countertops
• Cabinetry style + finish + color
• Cabinetry hardware
• Lighting
• Paint colors for walls, ceiling, trim
• Fixtures including faucets, sinks, tubs, appliances

Furnishings and Decoration
Complete one-of-a-kind interior design plan including specified furnishings, soft goods, and decorations custom tailored for your new/remodeled home. Claire carefully selects your furniture, finishes, fabrics, and art to create one gorgeous cohesive design, down to the last detail.

This choice service includes the following and can be divided into groups of rooms or a full home project.
• Design board illustrating selection of furniture, finishes, fabrics, art
• Price list identifying each item
• Design Plan for each room
• Floor Plan layout for each room
• 2-Hour Proposal meeting
• Final Reveal upon project completion